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Packing Head torch trails Corrour Bothy
Corrour Bothy & Devils Point Camping in the Lairig Ghru Gavin emerges
Corrour Bothy at dawn Corrour Bothy & Devils Point Gav prepares a brew
A watched pot... Andy admires the view Sunrise
Down the Lairigh Ghru Shadows Walking towards Garbh Coire
Walking towards Garbh Coire Coire Brochain Gavin poses
Get out of my shot! Approaching An Garbh Coire Approaching An Garbh Coire
approach_3_005 An Garbh Coire An Garbh Coire
Stream Wandering over to Garbh Coire Bothy Garbh Coire Bothy
Garbh Coire Bothy Tent Stream